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Follow these three steps to register for Fall Festival 2015

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Coming in October - The Annual Peach Jam Festival. Click Here.

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Two Websites that Deserve Your Attention

A website for trying to assimulate Irish tunes is . The tunes are played at three speeds, slow medium and fast. They are in the key most often used for the tunes, so you may have to tune the dulcimer appropriately to play along.

A website that has a backend database of thousands of tunes and that will create a simple dulcimer tablature is . If the song is in the key of D, then you may select a DAD tuning and the tab is created instantly for you to save or print. If the song is in another key, then the instructions ask for you to choose the tuning of your dulcimer from a menu of tunings and the tab is created. Below is an example. The song, "Clementine" was in the native key of D. The tablature that is created is simple and basic, but sometimes that is all that one needs to learn a tune. When you print the page that is generated, it includes the lyrics, which I have not included here. Your own embellishments can be added later.

Clementine (DAD)